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Nuclear Explosion Mushroom Cloud Model Lamp

 Product Description

The Lamp That Will Blow You Away!

A handmade diorama decorative model of a nuclear explosion effect.


    The nuke lamp is a unique tabletop light that is shaped after an explosion. Each lamp is handmade and comes with a built-in dimmer so you can set it to low and go to sleep! 


    This lamp will be the attention of any setting, whether it's in your home or office, you are bound to get a lot oohs and ahhs! There is no doubt you will be having a piece that warrants questions.


    • Made of metal wire, wood, synthetic and real cotton.
    • Airbrush painted.
    • A/C powered with 5W filament LED light. US Plug, You will need a simple adapter if you are in Europe.
    • Unique decoration and design. About 30cm diameter and 30-35cm height for big model.

    Showcased here is the  Small And Large Size Together without the light on


    A piece of decorative lamp that will sure to make the focal point in any space, this lamp is perfect on a tabletop, on the shelves, on a bedside table and more. Makes an excellent home decor piece and is guaranteed to impress anyone who visits.



    Q. How big is the Nuclear Lamp?

    A. You can select from small or large. 

    Q. Can the Lamp, project different colors?

    A. No, it is lit up with soft white LED light, that you are able to dim high, middle and low.

    Q. Does this have Auto Shut Off, I would like to fall asleep with it on and don't want it on all night long?

    A. No, this lamp will remain on until you shut it. No worries though, it does not get hot as it uses LED which does not burn out for over 100 years and uses very little power and produces near-zero amount of heat. 

    Q. How does it stay charged?

    A. The lamp does not charge or hold any charge. It plugs into your traditional outlet via US plug. You will need a simple adapter if you are in Europe.

    Q. Can It play music through the lamp?

    A. No, there are no speakers built in the jellyfish aquarium.

    Q. How long will the price stay at 50% Off, I want to buy some as gifts in the future?

    A. The price at 50% off will be given periodically throughout the year, we typically will do a discount during the holidays. We typically lower it for 2 weeks and then stop advertising.

    Q. Who is Nebula?

    A. We are a company founded in 2017, that was built on creating a passionate product people would find love, peace, and comfort in.

    Q. How can I become a Distributor?

    A. Please contact info@Nebula-Lights.com

    Q. I have a problem with my order, who do I speak with?

    A. Contact us through your order email, or at info@Nebula-Light.com

    Shipping and Delivery

    Due to transit delays and the demand, this item is generating we are guaranteeing a time frame of 7-20 business days.