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7 Chakra Stones Necklace for EMF Protection and Spiritual Healing

Protect yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually

By harnessing the amazing powers of amethyst, lapis lazuli, blue aventurine, green aventurine, citrine, red carnelian, and red jasper, this beautiful 7 chakra necklace promotes spiritual healing as well as EMF and psychic protection from negative entities and radiation-emitting devices like cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, and network towers. It also acts as an immune booster and energy generator to enhance your life force, awaken creativity, and strengthen your psychic intuition.

Handcrafted Orgone Pendant for chakra healing

Each of our orgonite necklaces is fashioned from a mixture of metals, chakra stones, and resin. These 3 components are believed to work in concert to raise your vibration and the vibration of your surroundings, converting negative energy into positive. Because they are handmade, each orgonite pendant is assured of being a completely unique addition to your chakra jewelry collection. It is a thoughtful gift for anyone needing relief from stress or seeking mental clarity.

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